NorNet moving to Multipath TCP

The NortNet testbed is a recent and very interesting initiative from the Simula laboratory in Norway. This testbed is composed of two parts :

  • the NorNet Core is a set of servers on different locations in Norway and possibly abroad. Each location has a few servers that are connected to several ISPs. There are correctly more than a dozen of NortNet Core sites in Norway
  • the NorNet Edge comprises hundreds of nodes that are connected to several cellular network providers

As os this writing, NortNet is the largest experimental platform that gathers nodes that are really multihomed. Recently, NortNet has upgraded its kernels to include Multipath TCP. This will enable large scale experiments with Multipath TCP in different network environments. We can expect more experimental papers that use Multipath TCP at a large scale.

Additional information about NortNet maybe be found on the web and in scientific articles such as :

Gran, Ernst Gunnar; Dreibholz, Thomas and Kvalbein, Amund: NorNet Core - A Multi-Homed Research Testbed Computer Networks, Special Issue on Future Internet Testbeds, vol. 61, pp. 75-87, DOI 10.1016/j.bjp.2013.12.035, ISSN 1389-1286, March 14, 2014.