Multipath TCP News : January 2016

Multipath TCP continues to attract interest from both academic researchers who write papers that use or improve the protocol as well as engineers from industry who are deploying new innovative services on top of this new TCP extension. In this newsletter that we’ll try to post every month on the Multipath TCP blog, we’ll summarise the main information about Multipath TCP that we have collected during the previous month. Feel free to contact Olivier Bonaventure if you would like to publish something in this newsletter.

Implementation news

The MPTCP-DEV mailing list has been pretty active during the last month. Three patches have been announced :

Three bug fixes pushed by Christoph Paasch :

A first implementation of the ADD_ADDR2 option by Fabrizio Demaria. This option was proposed in RFC6824bis and includes a HMAC to authenticate the advertised address.

Alexander Frommgen has announced a new website that can be used to verify that Multipath TCP works end-to-end :

This new website goes beyond the original that is not available anymore.

Another useful tool is an improved AndroidTracebox by Raffaele Zullo. It can be used on smartphones to detect middlebox interference in cellular and WiFi networks.

Scientific publications

December 2015 has been a busy month for scientific publications on Multipath TCP. Almost an entire session was devoted to Multipath TCP at Conext’2015 in Heidelberg with three papers :

Other papers have been posted.


The IETF mailing list has been rather quite during the last month. One relevant draft has been updated :

This draft addresses the Hybrid Access Networks, i.e. access networks that combine two different link layer technologies, typically DSL and LTE. The Broadband Forum is developing solutions to enable network operators to efficiently use two heterogeneous networks together and some of the proposed solutions rely on Multipath TCP. This draft proposes a TCP option similar to the one proposed in Multipath in the Middle(Box) and discusses how such a solution could be used to support UDP.