A closer look at the scientific literature on Multipath TCP

Some time ago, @ben_pfaff sent a tweet indicating that he was impressed by a google scholar search that returns more than 1,000 hits for “open vswitch”. This triggered my curiosity and I wondered what was the current impact of Multipath TCP in the scientific literature.

Google scholar clearly indicates that there is a Multipath TCP effect in the academic community. For the “Multipath TCP” query, google scholar already lists more than 1500 results.


For the “mptcp” query, google scholar reports a similar number of documents.


This is a clear indication that there is a growing number of researchers who are adopting Multipath TCP and propose extensions and improvements to it. The researchers who start to work on Multipath TCP will need to understand an already large set of articles. As a first step towards a detailed bibliography on Multipath TCP, I’ve started to collect some notes on IETF documents and scientific paper on this topic. This is a work in progress that will be updated every time I find some time to dig into older papers or new interesting papers are published.

The current version of the annotated bibliography will always be available from https://github.com/obonaventure/mptcp-bib This repository contains all the latex and bibtex files and could be useful to anyone doing research on Multipath TCP. The pdf version (mptcp-bib.pdf) will also be updated after each major change for those who prefer pdf documents.