Interesting Multipath TCP talks

Various tutorials and trainings have been taught on Multipath TCP during the last years. Some of these have been recorded and are available via

The most recent video presentation is the talk given by Octavian Purdila from intel at the netdev‘01 conference In this talk, Octavian first starts with a brief tutorial on Multipath TCP targeted at Linux networking kernel developpers and then describes in details the structure of the current code and the plans for upstreaming it to the official Linux kernel.

A longer tutorial on the Multipath TCP protocol was given by Olivier Bonaventure at IETF‘87 in Berlinin August 2013.

Christoph Paasch gave a shorter Multipath TCP tutorial earlier during FOSDEM‘13 in Brussels.

Earlier, Costin Raiciu and Christoph Paasch gave a one hour Google Research talk on the design of the protocol and several use cases.

Costin : google tech talk

The Google Research talk was given a few days after the presentation of the USENIX NSDI‘12 paper that received the community award. This presentation is available from the USENIX website.